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• Construction site buildings
• Emergency accommodation and relief buildings
• Military camps



Karan Kav temporary panelized buildings are based on a modulated assembly of load bearing polyurethane injected galvanized steel sandwich panels. The wall panels are mounted on a steel chassis which is embedded in a concrete slab foundation. Steel trusses and PU insulated claddings provide the roofing system. The building›s sewage system and water supply are carried out by PVC and multi-layer pipes, while electrical wiring is executed through PVC channels. There are no limitations to the type and material of floorings, doors and windows.



• Designed according to international codes and standards, using the latest computer software
• Durable: High quality material and construction standards
• Earthquake resistant: 90% seismic vulnerability reduction by using high strength light weighted material
• Fire resistant
• Energy saving: Over 85% energy saving by using thermal insulations
• Speedy construction
• Cost effective
• Efficient use of space: Using thin wall panels award 10 to 15% increase in interior spaces
• Relocatable: Easy dismantling and re-erection
• Flexible architectural design: There are no limits to the shape and size of the building
• Constructible up to four stories: Valuable where there is limited construction area
• Easy construction in hard-access areas